This is a photo through the glass of an advanced technology wood stove, one that is EPA certified. Note that the flames are big and lush and semi-transparent, much different from the dark, opaque, ragged flames you would see in an open fireplace.  The small jets and feathery flames at the top of the image are flowing downward from the tiny combustion air holes at the top of the firebox.

Not only do these stoves burn much cleaner and more efficiently than older conventional stoves, but the view of the fire is just spectacular, well worth the price of admission. Those of us who study woodburning for a living claim it is the best looking fire in the world. By upgrading to one of these stoves, you can save wood, reduce smoke and enjoy the view all winter long.

The beautiful fire is the result of a lot of research and product development that was made necessary by the EPA emission limits and testing that was imposed back in 1988. Find out more here.