There are many to choose from, so pick carefully

Woodburning systems are available in so many different forms that you might find it hard to decide what would be right for your house and your objectives. It is true that some people make decisions about wood heating without doing enough research and getting good advice first and later they regret the expensive mistake.

Here is a tip that you might find useful right away: Surveys show that between 60 and 80 per cent of householders who heat at least partly with wood do so with a wood stove. That is because wood stoves are usually the least expensive, most flexible and most efficient way to heat a house. This is not to say that the other options are bad, but they tend to be used for specific purposes, like installing a central furnace to heat a large, rambling house, or a wood-fired boiler to heat a radiant floor, or an outdoor boiler to heat more than one building.

You'll find details and descriptions of some of the most popular categories of wood heaters in the articles linked to the left.