One of our visitors sent us this report.

Our neighbor installed an *******, a 650,000 btu furnace on his 1.9 acres.  The furnace is four feet from our lot line, 200 feet from our bedrooms.  We are sick of the STENCH!

Img1-nancyHe burns 3 ft diameter, 4 feet long, unseasoned wood.  He even burns pressure treated (the green ones) utility poles.  Not sure where he is getting the poles from.  We have pictures of his burning piles.

Our situation is very similar to Nancy from NH article you have posted. Our terrain is the same.

Our neighbor burns 365 days a year, heats a 2500 sq ft shed, 1500 sq ft indoor pool and a 3000 sq ft home.

Townships are not prepared to deal with these monster units.  Our neighbor hired a lawyer to argue with the town's building inspector, who tried to shut him down many times.

This past December, we went to the Circuit Court to seek an injunction to stop burning and a temporary injunction has been issued.  It's just terrible that we had to go through this expensive process.

Attached is a picture out our bedroom window of what we wake up to on quite a few mornings.

Thanks for your site!