Book 63 pages in PDF form

This book was first published in 1994, but has been revised, updated and expanded several times since then. It was intended for professional hearth specialists such as system installers, retailers and chimney sweeps who need to design systems that function well and to diagnose problems they encounter in their work. It was made part of the course of study for professionals by the Wood Heat Education and Research Foundation (WHERF) which was the educational arm of the Wood Heat Alliance. The Masonry Heater Association (WHA) also made the book part of its certification course for heater masons. Because it is a very large file with many illustrations, it has been divided into three separate PDF files, as follows:

Contents of Part One

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The Contents at a Glance
Chapter 1 The Building Envelope
Chapter 2 Temperature Difference
Chapter 3 The Cold Hearth Syndrome

Contents of Part 2

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Chapter 4 The Effects of Wind
Chapter 5 The Effects of Powered Exhausts
Chapter 6 The Combustion Air Supply
Chapter 7 Venting System Design Influences

Contents of Part 3

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Chapter 8 Appliance Design Influences
Chapter 9 Energy Momentum
Chapter 10 The Human Factor in Woodburning
Chapter 11 The House Pressure Test
Chapter 12 Powered Make-Up Air Systems
Chapter 13 Some Final Thoughts
Chapter 14 Defining Perfection
Chapter 15 Summary of Lessons Learned