A serviced system is safer and easier on the environment

roofsafety2A sweep checks all aspects of the chimney above the roof.Img1-sweepCreosote and flyash deposits in the appliance, flue pipe and chimney restrict the flow of exhaust and can make your system burn dirty. If you use an older model stove or furnace or use a traditional wood burning fireplace, you should have a chimney sweep in regularly to clean and service the chimney and appliance. You never want to be surprised by a component failure, or worse, a chimney fire. Even though modern woodburning fireplaces and stoves burn cleaner than older models, they can still leave some deposits in the chimney and their components can wear over time, so full servicing should be done at least once per year as a minimum.

The Chimney Sweep is Your Partner

cleanstoveThere is more to a thorough cleaning and servicing than you might think.

During the regular service visit, the chimney sweep looks at the whole system, from top to bottom. In the process, the condition of all the various components – from the chimney liner and cap, to the firebrick and door gaskets – is assessed and reported to you. Based on your woodburning system's condition and the deposits found in the chimney, the sweep can advise you on how often servicing is needed. After all, for your woodburning fireplace, stove or furnace to function safely and efficiently, every part must be in good condition. This is one of the key ways that the chimney sweep is your partner in the use of wood energy.