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We receive a lot of mail here and, while we like to help, there are some questions we can't answer and others we've answered hundreds of times already. So, before you ask us a question by email, please note:

  1. We are a non-commercial site, meaning we don't give advice on specific products, old or new. We are also not able to take the place of a good dealer who can visit your house and advise on installation details.
  2. There is a lot of information in our question and answer section. Please review it first.
  3. Our interest and expertise is in wood heating and we are not particularly interested in helping people to make conventional fireplaces work properly because even when they work, they are inefficient and polluting.
  4. Please see our frequently asked questions page.

After you've done all that, go ahead and email us at:

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Please do not attach photos or other large files to your email. We won't open them anyway.