Here are four wood heat videos that you might find helpful. Each covers different content:

  1. How advanced, EPA certified wood stoves differ from older conventional stoves.
  2. How to produce good firewood.
  3. How to operate a non-catalytic wood stove.
  4. How to operate a catalytic wood stove

The first three were financed by Environment Canada in 2004 and focus entirely on non-catalytic technology, mainly because non-cats dominated the wood stove market at the time. The fourth video was sponsored by Blaze King Industries in 2014 and focuses on how to operate a catalytic stove. The information in all the videos has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by many wood heat specialists. In producing these videos, our main objective was to offer reliable information. As you will see, we didn't concern ourselves too much about fancy production values. We hope you find them helpful.


Advanced Wood Stove Technology

Sponsored by Environment Canada 2004 Time 3:30

Firewood, From Forest to Woodshed

Sponsored by Environment Canada 2004 Time 10:43

Efficient Wood Stove Operation

Sponsored by Environment Canada 2004 Time 12:56

How to Operate Your Catalytic Woodstove

Sponsored by Blaze King Industries Time 9:35